User-Centered Design


The Innovalia Association, project leader of ProtoAtlantic, has announced three focused workshops to support SMEs and entrepreneurs to design and redesign their products and services in order to fit the requirements and preferences of prospective users. 

Start-ups already registered for the ProtoAtlantic Accelerator Program will have preferential access to participate in these workshops as a complimentary service.

The user is becoming increasingly important in the process of creating products and services. In addition, the growth of competition in several markets and advances in technology has made it necessary to offer products/services that fit the users' needs.

These workshops will be held in three different cities on The Canary Islands to make them more accessible to those in the region;

  • 24th October in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Palet Express - Cajasiete)
  • 29th October in Santa Cruz de La Palma (Casa Rosada)
  • 31st October in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Innovalia Building)

For more information and registration please contact Kevin Nanwani at knanwani@innovalia.org