Closed for Applications

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to test and validate their technology at world renowned test facilities; European Marine Energy Centre, ScotlandLir National Ocean Test Facility, IrelandInstitute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC), Portugal, and; Marine Park, Spain. 

Fast Tracked Product Development in ProtoAtlantic focuses on four key stages; Prototyping, Tank Testing, Marine Testing and Verification. The facilities have funding in place to offer access to their facilities as well as provide financial support for activities whilst under test.

  • Prototyping, led by INESC, will work with blue growth companies to develop prototypes of their devices. This will be used to explore design challenges and make fundamental decisions on how to progress the technology.
  • Tank Testing, led by UCC, will utilise tank/laboratory testing facilities to help companies prove the operational principles of their technology.
  • Marine Testing, led by EMEC, will work with developers where the technology will be deployed in a real-sea environment before they move onto commercial applications.

This process will be underpinned by an approved verification process which will ensure the credibility of technologies.

Selection Process